Optimum Health for You.

A thousand words in two pictures.

Optimum Health is not about Weight loss; but that can happen if you are carrying around the weight of your world unnecessarily with you.

Optimum Health is not a gym body or an anything body.  Nor is it, smooth flawless skin.  Or this or that........ it's as much a feeling as a having.

Optimum Health is when your individual body in your unique circumstance is not fighting dis-ease.  Is not draining you and is not hard.

Optimum Health is not a destination.  It's a place that's fluid.  That is consistent with maintenance and a lot of loving kindness.

Optimum Health is attainable for anyone who is willing to show up to the pull from within, that is reading these words and is feeling hope.

Anyone needing inspiration.  Scroll back up to the photo above.  I had settled.  I didn't think this was possible for me.  I have years of experience.  I have extreme personal experience and I've been able to share my wisdom and skillset with others.  I know this path very intimately.

You may be feeling one, some or all:

Highly sensitive / introverted. You need more time, stillness, space and recovery time from social interactions than most people. You mightn’t realize this, or think it’s “OK.” Maybe you've been told you're “too shy,” or that you need to “get out more.”

Craving permission to stop striving for something that doesn't fit — a relationship, a career, a “perfect” way of eating, exercising + being in the world. You might secretly crave a “smaller life,” while trying to force yourself into a “big” one.

On the edge of a breakthrough. Just starting to break out of the cultural trance — but not sure where this “awakening” might be taking you. Questions like "Is this all there is?" and "I don't know what I want, but this isn't it..." might be percolating in your mind.

Used to overbooking + overextending yourself. You might be a “helper” or “nurturer” or “caregiver,” by trade. You've forgotten what it means to really do … nothing. Doing nothing might even sound a bit unsettling.

Experiencing a general sense of malaise. "Something's not quite right … but I can't put my finger on it.” Your tired, unfocused, stressed but not in a state of crisis, plodding along in a cloud of dull gray.

You yearn to live in full color.
You alllllmost don't believe it’s possible to feel that way, again.
But you're willing to try!

Life is a rollercoaster, for sure.

It's ok to ask for help and be supported.

I would love to spend time with you to find your way forward to your unique optimum health.

There are infinite paths up the mountain.

Let's talk. Book a session. Or simply ask me any questions.

© Copyright Naomi Fern Wills