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I really wasn't sure what to expect of the session with Naomi Fern,  I am very fussy with whom I let into my energy field.  I know Naomi Fern very well and appreciate her integrity and her gentle ways, so I felt doing this process with her was very aligned and for my highest good.

I was so appreciative of her wisdom and insight she offered and she held a beautiful space for the process.

I felt Incredible after and felt the ripple effect for quite some time.  I highly recommend this work.

Nicole Phoenix Starr....
Bali, Indonesia.

Biofeedback is an incredibly potent energy healing and my session with Naomi Fern was so amazing! I received so much information on the state of my body and what needed adjusting and what needed being brought to my attention. While also receiving healing through clean technology was so trippy but so so so good. My body after that session has definitely changed and I have gained such a beautiful deeper insight to who I am and I highly highly highly recommend a Bio Feedback session with Naomi Fern. Thank you so much for my session, I look forward to another one ❤️❤️❤️ 

Jas Pearson
Brisbane, Australia

Thank you Naomi for an amazing biofeedback session. We did the session over a Zoom call as I am in Australia and she is in Canada. It was great as I was tucked up comfortably in my bed with my computer and a hot drink next to me. It was a beautiful morning honoring myself with some self care and relaxation. Naomi and I chatted in general about different things that were going on in my life, while Naomi worked on her machine. I don’t fully understand how the machine works, but she gave me the confidence to trust that my body would receive the frequencies that she needed. Naomi in her soft, kind and caring way gently helped me gain a lot of clarity in my life at the time and trust my intuition to act in alignment with what my body needs. We talked a lot about slowing down and discussed practical ways to implement this and fun alternatives to dealing with everyday tasks. After the session I felt light, relieved and had a deep sense of inner knowing and trust within myself.Thank you for your time and I look forward to my next session with you. 

Nicky Richardson
Perth, Australia

What an amazing biofeedback session with Naomi Fern. It was so easy to sit back and relax and let her work her magic throughout the session. She has a way of making you feel completely at ease and relaxed. The feedback I got from the session was spot on and in full alignment with what I was feeling. I highly recommend a session with Naomi and let her and your body work their magic. Such an amazing experience.

Krissy McMorrow
Brisbane, Australia

I have had two sessions with Naomi and her miracle machine. I say that because it was so spot on about what was happening in my body (Dr had confirmed two days earlier) Naomi has such a peaceful voice that between the machine working its magic and Naomi lulling you with her voice, it is quite easy to instantly relax and receive the healing and shifts that this process provides! Thank you Naomi❤️I look forward to our next session!

Susan Mora Matthews
Sydney, Australia

Thank you Naomi, for introducing me to biofeedback so many years ago. In our last session I was reminded how the combination biofeedback and your skills as a practitioner help me to answer the question “what is here for me to learn about myself that is not immediately apparent?” The information  and treatment, has always been especially helpful in bringing awareness to the health issues I have symptoms of, but am unable to alleviate or monitor on my own. I leave each session with you, feeling relaxed and more capable of closing a cycle of stress my body has been experiencing. Naomi I really appreciate and value the integrity, gentle nature and deep wisdom you bring to each session.

 In Gratitude

Dianne Tharp


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