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What will my Quantum Biofeedback session be like?

A Quantum Biofeedback session feels a bit like visiting a cozy living room for a nice, long conversation.  Irrespective if we do it in person or online.

Except instead of talking to a friend, your body will be “talking” to a neat little machine — collecting real-time information about where stress is collecting in your body, and feeding back new signals to encourage your body to release + let go.

The experience is deeply relaxing, so you will need a comfy place with no distractions. 

For your session, plan on spending 1.5 - 2 hours with me. During this session, we’ll work through a detailed assessment to identify some of the biggest sources of stress in your life — big problems, and subtle, nearly invisible ones, too.

At the end of your Biofeedback session, we’ll come up with a simple plan to keep you as stress-free as humanly possible. 

What happens after my session?

Some clients experience significant stress relief after just one visit, but many people enjoy returning for weekly or monthly Biofeedback sessions, to keep tension at bay.

After all, it took decades for that big ball of stress to build up, and it will take some time to unravel it, too!

Is Biofeedback safe?

Yes. Biofeedback is a completely safe, non-invasive technology.

It’s essentially a system of measuring your heart rate, pulse, blood pressure + temperature, collecting bio-energetic data to see where (and why) you’re holding stress, in your body.

It’s been said that Biofeedback originated in 5th Century Greece, where early physicians noticed that placing an electric eel in a foot bath helped to improve the patient’s circulation!

We’ve come a long way since then, but the premise is the same: when used properly, subtle electrical vibrations can accelerate your body’s natural ability to heal.

Is Biofeedback covered by my Medical Services Plan or Private Health Insurance?

Biofeedback sessions are not currently covered by BC MSP. However, they may be covered by many extended medical benefits plans.

Check with your employer or insurance provider to find out for certain. I’m always happy to provide a detailed receipt for you to take to your insurance provider, if you’re seeking reimbursement.

Can biofeedback be performed on children?

Yes. Biofeedback is a non-invasive + gentle process that's perfectly safe for all ages — not unlike Reiki or massage.

Children often find the whole process quite fascinating, although it's helpful to bring colouring, books or other quiet (non-electronic) activities for them to play with, during the session.

Any (more) questions?

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