My “way back then…” story

A few years ago, I was entrapped in a full-time job I thought I should have. Great pay, great colleagues, great security for me + my family.
Everything should have felt “great.” But it didn’t. And I didn’t know why.
Then one morning, my body physically refused to steer my car into the parking lot of the office — like an invisible force was compelling me to drive far, far away.

That was the first of many, many signs that my body tried to give me about my life + career. Signs that I (mostly) chose to ignore. At great expense.
I didn’t know it at the time, but my body was accumulating an extraordinary amount of stress — resulting in full on exhaustion.

I know so many people feel this way.  It's become insanely normalized.  {It is not normal, at all........}

The stress became like a tangled ball of yarn — one million strands of heaviness, disappointment + heartache.

Until one day, the ball became so big + debilitating, I collapsed under its weight.
And it wasn’t pretty.


I had a total physical shut-down — so intense, that a counselor advised me to leave my current position immediately.
Soon after that, I was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy — a neurological condition that sets on suddenly, and can cause total facial paralysis.

I knew that I could no longer ignore the big, glaring signs that my body was sending me.

I had to respond. It was time to seek help.

A new possibility:

I’d been exploring the world of alternative healthcare + energy healing for several years, popping in for three or four sessions a year.

Sometimes more, sometimes less.
But after my collapse, I knew I had to make a much bigger commitment to my health + well being.

Quantum Biofeedback kept calling to me, louder + louder. I’d loved the combination of science + intuition, but I’d never considered studying to be a practitioner.

But when a local friend encouraged me to enroll in a Biofeedback certification course, my heart fluttered in my chest. Me? Really? Well, why not?

Her encouragement was the “permission slip” I’d been waiting for.
I took the leap + decided to make Quantum Biofeedback a large part of my life’s work — completely shifting careers + reinventing myself as wellness mentor + guide.

My work, today.

Today — many training sessions + board-certifications later — Quantum Biofeedback remains one of my greatest fascinations, and a much requested service here in my business.

I’m constantly amazed at how this bio-energetic “conversation” between your body + a brilliant little machine can help people release decades of trauma, grief, stress and physical tension in just a few sessions. Day by day, I watch my clients shift from flat-lining to fully alive.
It's a privilege to witness — and I'll never, ever get tired of it!

I have spent the last few years on a supernova trajectory.  I have learnt so much about the body and how to listen to it.  I have studied, traveled and lived a holistic pathway that has lead me to my offerings today.  Which is using basic nutrition and real food to fuel the human body intuitively.  Using elimination protocols to get rid of all the old stuff that we hold onto both physically and energetically.   

Working with the Mind, Body and Soul.  Our physical, energetic and universal aspects within the whole of our human experience.
This is the piece that I was missing and that I have coupled in my vast toolbox of living a Life of Optimum Health and personal happiness.

And my dream, for you?

A life of wonder and play, curiosity and learning, rest and restoration, and permission to change what’s not working, long before it becomes a life-shattering crisis.

If you’re ready to explore a new way of re-centering + balancing your body — so that you can start living in full color — 
book an online session on the HOME page.

This work is transformative, in ways I never imagined ...

… and I can’t wait to re-introduce you to your remarkable body.

With deep love,

Naomi Fern